Matthew Hough: Music from the Notebook of Anna Magdalena Bach  (2014)

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Original Abstractions is pleased to announce the April 22, 2014 release of Music from the Notebook of Anna Magdalena Bach, featuring Matthew Hough’s new guitar duo arrangements of fifteen timeless works from the 1725 “notebook” compiled by Johann Sebastian Bach and kept by his second wife, Anna Magdalena. Performed by Hough and guitarist Juan Calderon, this recording will appeal both to casual fans of classical and guitar music as well as to students and educators, as it acts as companion to Hough’s 2012 sheet music edition of these arrangements (currently available from Hough House Music Publishers).

In a unique twist, rather than playing fingerstyle, Hough and Calderon perform these arrangements plectrum style (with a guitar pick) for a warmer, folk-oriented sound. The performances on Music from the Notebook of Anna Magdalena Bach combine the raw spirit and vitality of the Baroque with a fresh and contemporary approach to the guitar.

“a good sound...folksy and friendly, easy going” - John Dimick,


Matthew Hough and Juan Calderon, guitars

All arrangements by Matthew Hough and published by Hough House (ASCAP)

recorded by Sam Pluta

mastered by Ian Gallagher


Polonaise, BWV Appendix 119

Minuet, BWV Appendix 118

Minuet, BWV Appendix 114 (C. Petzold)

Minuet, BWV Appendix 116

Minuet, BWV Appendix 120

Minuet, BWV Appendix 113

Minuet, BWV Appendix 121

Minuet, BWV Appendix 115 (C. Petzold)

March, BWV Appendix 122 (C.P.E. Bach)

Musette, BWV Appendix 126

Untitled Composition, BWV Appendix 131

Aria, BWV 515 (J.S. Bach)

Minuet (G. Böhm)

Minuet, BWV Appendix 132

March, BWV Appendix 124 (C.P.E. Bach)

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